The struggle with identify, depression, purpose is very real for many and has only been elevated by the pandemic for many others.

Knowing who we are and what our purpose is seems like a hidden treasure, discovered by only a few.

Our guest on this episode of The Military Wire reveals how to find this “hidden treasure” so you can move from broken to beautiful despite the circumstances of life.

Crippling fear permeated every aspect of Christine Soule’s life from an early age and followed her into adulthood. Her past of brokenness — abuse, dysfunction, addiction, and other trauma — could have very well defined her future. But once she turned to God and let Him lead the way, she found a path toward a brighter future.

“The key is discovering who you are in Christ — your true identify. And that’s especially significant if you, like me, have a past of brokenness,” Soule writes in her inspirational story, Broken and Beautiful. “So much of how we see ourselves revolves around the demands our society places on us, insisting we live up to its expectations. Don’t listen to the world. Listen to God.”

If you are ready to listen to a life-changing conversation, tune in.

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