Interviews with America’s Experts

Surprising Danger Lurking in Your Roomba: Why NY Best-Selling Author/Special Operator Brad Taylor Stopped Using It
Is it JUDGMENT DAY? – The Book Dark Fall

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The Navy SEAL Secret to Harnessing Mental Health

with CMC (ret) Steve Giblin – Part 3

There is Great Opportunity in the Great Resignation

With with the California Dept of Corrections & Rehabilitation

The Secret to Starting a Thriving Business

With Navy Veteran and CEO of STYZ Anthony Cosby

The Secret to Finding Your Purpose After Military Service

With Navy SEAL (ret) Tim Cruickshank

Three Essential Secrets to Navigate these Times

With Navy SEAL (ret) CMC Steve Giblin

What Geo-Political Events Are Causing End of Day Concerns

With Veteran and 15X Best Seller Brad Taylor

The Secret to Finding the Real YOU

With Veteran and Author Michael Kurcina

Wounding Warriors: How Bad Policy Is Making Veterans Sicker and Poorer

With Lt. COL. Daniel Gade

Combatting Homelessness with Compassion

With Pastor Rick Cole

The Great Coronavirus Abuse Hoax

With US Army Veteran Dr. Edward Bartlett

THE POWER OF STAYING CONNECTED / Accessing Low-Cost Internet for Veterans

Rob Brennan and Carla Carrell – Comcast


With Sandy Wheeler, US Navy Veteran

HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE ENEMIES (or are liberals just wacked?)

With media personality Will Witt

Facing and Overcoming Darkness with Int’l Best-sellers Andrews & Wilson

When dark forces arise, is faith enough?


The Secret to Unlocking True Treasure in Life

Bruce Evans, Army Veteran and VP of Franchise Development for Capriotti’s and Wing Zone

The Secret to Veteran Success in Corporate America

Author Christine Soule

Broken and Beautiful: How One Woman Left Behind A life of Abuse, Sex, and Dysfunction

retired Air Force Special Operations commander Glenn Ignazio

How Small Victories Changed This Military Pilot’s Life After Losing It All

Int’l Best-Selling Authors Brian Andrews & Jeff Wilson

Facing a Never ending war: SONS of VALOR

Former Navy SEAL Garrick Fernbaugh

Shares the Secret to Achieving Your Goal in a VUCA World

Tom & Jen Satterley

The Fight Worth Winning: A Delta Force Operator’s Battle to Save His Marriage

Alon Ulman – Best-Selling Author, Breaking Boundaries

Success is NOT a Fluke – Six Easy Steps to Achieving Any Goal

Amanda Mineer from Veterans Law Group

How One Veteran Received $500k in back pay

LTG Jerry Boykin (co-founding mbr DELTA Force)

The Importance of Standing on TRUTH

Radio Host Bob Zadek

The Impact of COVID, Lock Downs, and Social Unrest in America

Veteran and Best-Selling author Brad Taylor


Academy Award Winner Robert Port

What Would You Do?

A Beautiful Tragedy – Char Westfall

Getting Back Up

Int’l Influencer and Veteran Chaunte Hall

How to Confidently Navigate Life Changes

Veteran and Best-selling author Sean Parnell

Is it still cool to LOVE America

Brig. Gen Robert Spalding

How China Took Over While America’s Elite Slept

MCPON Rick Wes

Leading in Uncertain Times

Lt. Gen. (Ret.) William “Jerry” Boykin

Is America at War? 

CMOH Michael Reagan and Author Ralph Vincent Morales

A Saint’s Letters from the Depths of Hell

Fiske Hanley

Accused War Criminal & POW Fiske Hanley shares a Rare Experience from WWII

Marselis Nelson

Combat. God. Country. And Being Black in America

Joseph Galloway & Marvin Wolf

Are We Reliving the Sixties and Vietnam?

Troy Daland, President of Special Forces Memorial Foundation

Answering the Call

Dan Goldenberg

How Veterans Can Compete in a Competitive Economy

Discovery Channel’s Wild Bill from DEADLIEST CATCH

Facing the Storms


Four Combat Tours. Apache Pilot. And then the Defining Moment…


The ONE Thing This Veteran did to Change Her Life After the Military


How to REDEFINE YOURSELF in Times of Trial

NFL Athlete Marques Ogden

Losing It All Reveals Character


How a Motorcycle Cop Impacted the World

Army Ranger Steven Elliott

War Stories: How to Overcome Your Own Battles – The Military Wire