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Join others who have received direction, purpose, and employment.

why we exist

Why We Exist

Serving our military and veteran families isn’t just a slogan…

It’s our purpose. Our commitment and passion is to help keep our country strong. When we strengthen our military and veteran families – when we help those who serve and served discover and deploy their greatest gifts in family, work, and life, we contribute to keeping this country strong.

If you are ready to support or start on that journey, join us.

Helping you discover your greatest gifts in family, work, and life

Discovering your true MISSION, PURPOSE, and IDENTITY after your service takes work. We’re here to help you walk that journey so that you and your family can thrive personally and professionally.

Combat Recovery

Experience breakthrough in the war against combat trauma.

Transition Training

Learn employment negotiation secrets and more. 

CAV Group

Join our exclusive Facebook training group for information and support. 

We can’t help Veterans achieve their best without you.

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Our Key Speakers will share how they faced their insecurities, struggles with life, loss of identity, and their search for identity to establish a pathway for emotional, relational, spiritual, physical and financial success. You’ll not just be inspired but you’ll be provided tips, tools, and opportunities to PREPARE, PLAN, and EXECUTE on your own best year yet.

Powerful Lessons from America’s Leaders

Interviews with top business and military leaders

Discover Your Greatest Gifts

Join the thousands we’ve helped discover their post-service mission and purpose

News & More

Mission Update

American Traitor: Fact or Fiction

American Traitor: Fact or Fiction

Are we on the verge of another war? In his latest book, American Traitor, Brad Taylor reveals how China may not be targeting Hong Kong…but another nation. A true thriller that bleeds the lines between fact and fiction, you’ll finish reading this wondering if what you are seeing today isn’t actually playing out before your eyes.

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