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Honor and aid those who have served our country with every sip of coffee.

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why we exist

Why We Exist

Serving our military and veteran families isn’t just a slogan…

It’s our purpose. Our commitment and passion is to help keep our country strong. When we strengthen our military and veteran families – when we help those who serve and served discover and deploy their greatest gifts in family, work, and life, we contribute to keeping this country strong.

If you are ready to support or start on that journey, join us.

Helping you and your family PREPARE, PLAN, and EXECUTE with purpose and passion after service.

We help veterans successfully navigate their transition OUT of the military, IN to effective civilian life, and UP the ladder of leadership and responsibility so that they can be America’s Greatest Asset in the workplace and community.

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Our Key Speakers will share how they faced their insecurities, struggles with life, loss of identity, and their search for identity to establish a pathway for emotional, relational, spiritual, physical and financial success. You’ll not just be inspired but you’ll be provided tips, tools, and opportunities to PREPARE, PLAN, and EXECUTE on your own best year yet.

Powerful Lessons from America’s Leaders

Interviews with top business and military leaders

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Join the thousands we’ve helped discover their post-service mission and purpose

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Mission Update

Honoring Our Veterans: Comcast’s Commitment to the Military Community

Honoring Our Veterans: Comcast’s Commitment to the Military Community

Through initiatives like the Xfinity military customer benefits program and the production of “The Aviators,” Comcast has demonstrated its deep commitment to honoring and supporting the military community. By fostering connections, preserving stories, and exploring innovative technological solutions, Comcast is playing a vital role in recognizing the sacrifices and contributions of our nation’s veterans. Be sure to check out both the benefits and employment opportunities here: VETERAN/MILITARY BENEFITS:

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Bridging the Digital Divide for Veterans: A Crucial Mission for 2024 and Beyond

Bridging the Digital Divide for Veterans: A Crucial Mission for 2024 and Beyond

Whether it be as a mentor or a funder, bridging the digital divide for veterans in 2024 and beyond is a multifaceted mission with wide-ranging implications. The impact on veterans’ lives is immediate and sets the stage for their long-term success and well-being. Through enduring partnerships and a commitment to digital equity, we can ensure that veterans, regardless of age, are equipped with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive in this fast-changing, complex digital era.

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