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Why We Exist

Serving our military and veteran families isn’t just a slogan…

It’s our purpose. Our commitment and passion is to help keep our country strong. When we strengthen our military and veteran families – when we help those who serve and served discover and deploy their greatest gifts in family, work, and life, we contribute to keeping this country strong.

If you are ready to support or start on that journey, join us.

Helping you and your family PREPARE, PLAN, and EXECUTE with purpose and passion after service.

We help veterans successfully navigate their transition OUT of the military, IN to effective civilian life, and UP the ladder of leadership and responsibility so that they can be America’s Greatest Asset in the workplace and community.

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Our Key Speakers will share how they faced their insecurities, struggles with life, loss of identity, and their search for identity to establish a pathway for emotional, relational, spiritual, physical and financial success. You’ll not just be inspired but you’ll be provided tips, tools, and opportunities to PREPARE, PLAN, and EXECUTE on your own best year yet.

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Mission Update

The Secret to Getting the Benefits You Earned

The Secret to Getting the Benefits You Earned

It is no secret that eight out of 10 veterans are not receiving the benefits they deserve by law and less than 25 percent (or 4.9 million) of veterans alive today are receiving disability benefits by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Air Force officer and author Brian Reese reveals this step-by-step method that has helped thousands of Veterans get the benefits they’ve earned on this latest interview of The Military Wire.

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How Small Victories Changed This Military Pilot’s Life After Losing It All

How Small Victories Changed This Military Pilot’s Life After Losing It All

What will you do when life changes? Glenn Ignazio, retired Air Force Special Operations commander, and Defense Intelligence Technology innovator, grew up dreaming of becoming a pilot– a U.S. Air Force pilot, specifically. His dream became a reality when he enlisted at age 18, only for that same dream to be ripped out from under him 22 years later due to a horrific accident while training.

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