When dark forces arise, is faith enough?

A very recent study suggested that more than 72% of Americans face some sort of depression or anxiety due to COVID, economic upheaval, or accelerating uncertainty.

These times often lead to, and reveal, darkness – but what if it isn’t just mental?

What if there is another darkness – a spiritual darkness – that is feeding off all the uncertainty and anxiety. What if that is the cause?

In this latest episode of The Military Wire, International best-selling authors Brian Andrews and Jeff Wilson – the authors behind the Shepherds series, the Tier One and Sons of Valor series, and Rogue Asset – share insights into their latest action-packed novel “Dark Intercept” featuring Navy SEAL Jedidiah Johnson who wrestles with internal and external demons.

Dark Intercept harnesses all the intrigue and action of the previous best-selling books written by Andrews and Wilson while tackling the mental, physical, and spiritual battles that many transitioning veterans and their families face.

Be sure to watch the full interview with Andrews and Wilson – as they reveal the reason why they wrote Dark Intercept and what it reveals about the times we are living.


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