The year 2020 has proven to be the year of chaos, confusion, uncertainty and anything but what many had hoped it would be: the year of clarity.

At least for some.

BUT has it in fact still been the year of clarity? With many routines upended, family and work life occurring under the same roof, and many of the distractions put on hold, many have found the time to recognize what is truly important. Perhaps running crazy is not what life is all about.

Air Force Veteran Chaunte Hall understands what crazy is all about – and found a way to break the cycle, find balance, and still influence many despite this upside down world.

Coming from a long heritage of Air Force Veterans, Chaunte served with honor and upon her transition became CEO of Centurion Military Alliance, an organization that is committed to helping Veterans improve their transition experience. She has helped reset the course of over 10,000 veterans since 2013.

She is also the president of Victory Trades Alliance, an organization established as a means of connecting military personnel and veterans with employers and business owners in the Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing trades industry.

Wait. She is also an adjunct college professor, and executive coach…and a proud mom.

She knows busy, she knows crazy. And she also knows balance and what is truly important.

Chaunte, despite changes in family, work, and life shares with those she coaches – and in her episode of The Military Wire/VISION2020 Speaker Series – the secret to navigating life changes with confidence.

She admits that not everything goes as planned – or has gone as planned. She has faced some giants. But her commitment to growth, to teamwork, and to family is one of the secrets to her strength and why the “giants” – those problems that appear massive – tend to be speed bumps as she moves through her days with confidence.

In our interview, she shares some pretty vulnerable moments – and what is impressive is that she found a way to address them and find strength in those moments. Her hope is that you will too.

Bottom line: I’ve had many guests on the show – and this interview is one of my favorites. Why? Because she is real – and she is a great example of how we all can find the strength to navigate life’s challenges with confidence.