Transitioning from the military back into civilian culture can prove to be a bit challenging. Finding someone to “present” your military experience into “civilian speak,” that catches the eye of a recruiter in less than 10 seconds, is a true treasure.

There are some great organizations, like Hiring Our Heroes, who put together a one sheet of resources, and Recruit Military, who specializes in helping veteran job seekers land jobs, that are standing by to help.

At Operation Military Family, we will work with individuals to customize a plan and determine best-fit, through our Discovering Your Post-Service Identity workshops – we just won’t help you with the resume. Constructing a dynamic resume that showcases your specific strengths is an art.

One resource to check out is They have compiled some of the most effective resumes that are attention grabbers for Veterans who are looking for entry-level and experienced positions. They also provide tips for developing a stronger resume to meet specific job requirements.

As they state on their website (which I encourage you to visit), the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the projected job growth for each industry. Some of the fastest-growing occupations between 2019 and 2029 are wind turbine technicians, nurse practitioners, solar photovoltaic installers, and occupational therapy assistants.

If you are looking to stay within your military field of experience or are looking to transition into a new career, tap the experts and know the secrets an effective resume that will grab the attention of the HR department.

Be sure to check out this Military-to-Civilian Resume resource.